Who Knew:

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What is Who.Knew?

Who.Knew is a campaign to help spread awareness on Sickle Cell Anemia. It was created in 2014 by Amy Serrano who has sickle cell anemia herself. She wanted to have creative ways of spreading awareness from the type of events being held from bowling to after work cocktails. I find that having creative ways on educating the people on sickle cell is by grabbing their attention with event that are fun to attend. ex sickle cell round table , a pop -up shop , mix and minglers , after work happy hr.  LET'S BE REAL no one is interested in a health matter until it affects them personally. these evet happy so people can come out and get educated on sickle cll anemia

The Purpose of my campign is to help raise awareness  and educateon sickle cell anemia. to see a change in the health system and care for sickle cell anima . and in order to see a change you have to be part the solution

Who.Knew is about breaking stigmas about people living with Sickle Cell. to show the world that we are not different from anyone. Who.Knew the success stories behind warriors. 


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